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"From Disconnected and Drained to Energized and Impassioned"

When Did You Die? by Temple Hayes

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Energetically speaking, people of all ages are dying inside every day. Too many people have come to accept dying while they are living as a way of life and this book aims to change that. When Did You Die? takes the reader on an insightful journey focused on eight simple and profound steps to stop dying and start waking up!

After the reader is introduced to the bundle of high energy that is Temple Hayes and her amazing gift of storytelling, she shows us why we’ve chosen death over life in daily decisions, and how fear-based choices can prevent us from fully living. Once we discover the blocks holding us back, we open ourselves to a paradigm shift, learning to connect to life farther than perfecting our lives in order to connect.

Filled with anecdotes, quotes, laughter and deep wisdom, When Did You Die? is a bestseller in the making. You as a reader will become impassioned and energized about your LIFE!

  Temple Hayes is a catalyst for total transformation.   

—Janet Bray Attwood
New York Times Bestselling Author, The Passion Test
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