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SOAR With Me and Special Guests Including Don Miguel Ruiz at Unity Campus!

This 4th of July…SOAR! Experience a weekend of personal freedom by connecting with shamanic healing and Toltec wisdom!

Featuring don Miguel Ruiz, Jorge Luis DelgadoPeter Calhoun and Here II Here, this event is designed with the intention to assist you in releasing that which is inhibiting the expression of your authentic self.

Friday, July 3 kicks off with a drumming ceremony with Soul Fire, with a keynote and blessing by Rev. Temple Hayes.

Workshops will be held July 4 &  5, featuringdon Miguel Ruiz, the author of The Four Agreements®, Peruvian shaman Jorge LuisDelgado and shaman Peter Calhoun. Enjoy aBBQ lunch and break out sessions with opportunities for drumming and native crafts. Enjoy a Sacred Sound Healing Concert with Rosie Warburton Saturday afternoon.

Here II Here will also perform in concert Saturday.

For more information Click Here and Visit Wings Bookstore

I appreciate  you and send you the energy of Love, Joy and Abundant Blessings.

Temple Hayes

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Sides Do Not Matter

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Carrying What I Don’t Need

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