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Shifting Paradigms

They're back again
We are always dying (letting go of the old) on the spiritual path and bringing forth the new. We are always waking up. It is a constant change and transition that is occurring in our lives on an ongoing basis. We are resurrecting from the old paradigm of who we think we are and into more of the heightened consciousness into who we came here to be.

The same is true for each one of us. People say, “How do I get to where I need to be.” The answer is the natural you, the Christ consciousness you, is lying dormant ready to spring out in its abundance and your part is to let the old go in order for the new to live fully. How you describe yourself, how you allow others to treat you, old habits that you have, ways of treating your body temple must resurrect into a more natural and higher form of being. As Buddha said, “You are now awake,” therefore acting as if you are still sleeping will only cause hardship in your life and you will remain uncomfortable in your body, your life and your relationships.

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Close calls are calling for your attention.

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“YOU” Are The Only Person who Can Revolutionize Your Life!

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You Deserve The Right To Spiritual Freedom

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What is your perception?

What is your perception?

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