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Avoiding the Unavoidable

Avoiding the Unavoidable

It is not proactive to take precautions to avoid something. Nor is it proactive to stop daring to raise the bar to be more than we have ever been before—to accept the ordinary as our ideal. There is a co-creative law of life that is always working, even for the people who say it is not working; it works for them by not working. When you come from an energy of “I have to do this to avoid that,” you usually bring the “that” to you. Heal the sensation of the “that,” and your belief will support the truths of your discovery.

Anytime we take action based on a choice of avoiding or not wanting something to happen, we are bringing the lower vibration of what we do not want to happen into our creativity. We are a culture that avoids the idea of death so much that we do not understand that because of this avoidance of dying, many of us never live. 

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