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Direct Help to Children with Global Volunteers

You can help a family get the micronutrients they need to be healthy and thrive, from food they grow and harvest themselves.

Childhood is supposed to be a time for growth, learning, loving, and being supported. We all know that millions of children around the world never get the chance we’ve had to reach their potential. Their parents don’t have even minimal means to protect their pre-natal and early growth. So, they end up stunted. And this is a “wrong” we can “right.” Childhood stunting is the number one problem on the planet. WHO estimates that 25% of all children under 5-years-old are stunted. Stunted children have significant deficits in physical and cognitive ability that often result in an inability to learn and reach their potential. Stunting perpetuates the cycle of generational poverty and steals hope. We know that stunting is preventable. Adequate food, nutrition and protection from infectious disease, starting when the child is in utero up to their 2nd birthday (the first 1,000 days of life), is the answer.

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Learn more about Global Volunteers here: Brought to you by First Unity Spiritual Campus and Global Peace Workers.


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Close calls are calling for your attention.

Close calls are calling for your attention.

In his book The Youth Builder, Jim Burns talks about the importance of building up young people with affirmation and trust. What he says about criticism applies to every age group: For every critical comment we receive, it takes nine affirming comments to even out the negative effect in our life. Most young people receive…

“YOU”  Are The Only Person who Can Revolutionize Your Life!

“YOU” Are The Only Person who Can Revolutionize Your Life!

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You Deserve The Right To Spiritual Freedom

You Deserve The Right To Spiritual Freedom

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What is your perception?

What is your perception?

Judge not according to appearances means more than “I did not like the dress she was wearing”; “I do not think she made the right decision” or I do not like how he acts- Judge not according to appearances means that we shift our perception from the limited ideas of who and what we are….

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