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Exclusive interview with OM Times, a magazine created to raise awareness of individuals and organizations that are making a difference in the world.

Interview with Awareness Magazine, Southern California’s Guide to Conscious Living.

The Desire to Be Perfect, by Temple Hayes on Beliefnet, the most comprehensive online resource for inspiration and spirituality. featured article in the Spartanburg Herald-Journal, SC

Interview in The Examiner

Interview with Temple Hayes

Conscious Community Magazine Put Your Whole Self In, by Temple Hayes 

Radiance, a publication of the Temple of Light Spiritual Community: Put Your Whole Self In, by Temple Hayes

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Temple Hayes on Emotional MOJO. Her new book “When Did You Die” inspires others to wake up and take back your life.

Temple Hayes has been featured on radio shows, TV shows, Oprah Winfrey’s website and many other speaking forums to promote Life Rights – Creating Peace through the honoring of life in all living things.

How the Civil Rights Movement Forced Young People to Grow Up Quickly


The View From Birmingham, Alabama, During Turbulent Months of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement


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My Greatest Teachers

My Greatest Teachers

So many people appear to have a tremendous need to be right. They would rather be right than kind. There is such power at times in just letting things be and not attempting to argue or make a point. Someone wise once said that “I do not need to justify, explain, or defend”. It seems…

No Limits

No Limits

When we truly align with Spirit, we are receptive to its loving creative power. Our true nature is to give power to our highest and greatest thoughts and celebrate that expression of life. We allow Spirit to move through us with no resistance from our shadow side that believes in lack and limitation. Using our…

I Am Ready to Receive

I Am Ready to Receive

We know abundance is all around us, and as we open ourselves to it our good will come in. When we pray for our blessings, we are saying to our unlimited God,“I am ready to receive.” As we awaken spiritually,we begin to pay attention to everything that comes across our paths; the conversations, the gifts,…

Here’s a Simple Way to Pray

Here’s a Simple Way to Pray

The first words uttered out of your mouth or mentally out of your mind(mental thoughts are telepathic thoughts too) in a prayer statement should be:”Thank You” as a upfront command keyword acknowledging God first, and he has done his almighty power already in your life. The source as God is, is always first. So a…

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