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For many years, people have asked Temple to share her views on how to go beyond seeing life to actually being life—being present, being intentional, being alive!

You will learn how to apply these simple practices in purposeful ways that will enable you to thrive in the best and most challenging of times. You will become aware of the how’s and why’s in your everyday life and how they directly affect your ability to see and be your most magnificent self.

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Attune to Love

April 18, 2018

Imagine daily life that is joyful, meaningful, and abundant without regrets, worries, or doubts. Sound unrealistic? What if it isn't? Consider the saying, "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional." As you tune-in to the call of Soul, your sense of purpose expands and your suffering dissolves. Regardless of whether you struggle with health, wealth, or relationship challenges, everything goes better when you let love lead. As a creative messenger and spiritual teacher, Korrine Holt draws upon her personal, professional, and spiritual experiences in service to those seeking greater meaning and well-being. Having spent three decades integrating diverse experiences and challenging aspects, she is intimate with the pitfalls and high points of awakening. From that learning, she has created The Art of Well-Being, The Joy of Well-Doing, and Poetry With Benefits, invoking heartful listening to hear the call of Soul on one's journey of awakening.

Living Beyond Fear, Anxiety, Anger, and Addiction

April 11, 2018

Dean Sluyter (pronounced "slighter") has taught natural methods of meditation and awakening throughout the United States and beyond since 1970. He is known for his warm, funny, down-to-earth style, and for making authentic, life-transforming teachings accessible and easy. A grateful student of sages in several traditions, he has completed numerous retreats and pilgrimages in India, Tibet, Nepal, and the West. Dean's books include Natural Meditation, winner of the Nautilus Award for best book on body, mind, and spirit practices. He has appeared frequently in national media, including The New York Times, National Public Radio, Coast to Coast A.M., and O, The Oprah Magazine.

Bill Bennett

April 04, 2018

Bill Bennett heard a voice while driving early one morning. The voice told him to slow down. Fortunately, Bill listened to that voice and he did slow down because a huge truck ran a red light on a cross street, missing him by inches. If not for that voice, Bill would have been killed. Ever since, Bill has been determined to find out what that voice was, where it came from, and why his life was saved. This movie is the result of that search.

Tears for Inanna

March 07, 2018

Tears for Inanna is Brazilian-born Kaliyani's powerful second release. Her debut video, "Nammu's Invocation," garnered more than 2 million views on YouTube and is a collaboration with Hollywood composer/filmmaker Riz Story (writer, director, and producer of A Winter Rose, which features Kaliyani's first single). Seamlessly weaving visions of sensuality into a primordial context, Tears for Inanna is a beautiful manifestation of a generally misunderstood archetypal myth. Inanna challenges us to review our belief systems, particularly with respect to our culture's view on sexuality and the role of the sacred feminine throughout history. Kaliyani radiates this sacred Inanna energy in the video, the enchantment of her powerful yet graceful vocalizations leading the way.

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