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Each week, Temple shares tools and stories to support you in your journey to becoming an intentional spirit.

For many years, people have asked Temple to share her views on how to go beyond seeing life to actually being life—being present, being intentional, being alive!

You will learn how to apply these simple practices in purposeful ways that will enable you to thrive in the best and most challenging of times. You will become aware of the how’s and why’s in your everyday life and how they directly affect your ability to see and be your most magnificent self.

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Yoga as Medicine With Lauren Walker

May 22, 2019

Lauren Walker blends the ancient practice of yoga with time-honored techniques to balance your energy field. EmYoga is for beginners and experts alike to increase your strength, health, and resiliency.

Energy Speaks With Lee Harris

May 08, 2019

Break free from limitations and transform your life with spiritual teacher and intuitive medium Lee Harris. Tune in as Lee shares concepts from his book Energy Speaks with Temple and shares messages from Spirit on living, loving, and awakening.

Bridging Science, Spirituality, and Psychology

April 24, 2019

Dr. Denise McDermott, M.D., is passionate about helping people create their best lives. Dr. Denise is a contributor to the revolutionary spiritual media Mind Dive app created by Michel Pascal, which includes Deepak Chopra, Gary Schwartz, Eben Alexander, and other luminaries devoted to bridging science, psychology, and spirituality. Dr. Denise believes it's possible to create better mental health and well-being from a holistic perspective and not have to rely strictly on medication.

The Shaman’s Guide to Power Animals

April 17, 2019

What is your power animal? Lori Morrison reveals the wisdom and meaning of animal symbology in dreams and daily life. Ancient cultures looked to nature and the animal world for guidance, and we can too. Lori discusses her new book The Shaman's Guide to Power Animals and how we can apply these messages from the animal world.

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